Here at Helenjoy Photography we specialize in fully customized Wall Art unique to you.

We won’t know the exact pricing until we see the images, without images there is nothing to buy!

It helps if you know what you want in terms of prints or products, that can help with the pricing and give you some idea what to budget for.

To give you a starting point, a single print fully customized, digitally retouched and mounted starts at $250

Framed images at start at $480 and Create your own Collections start at $1100 which include the digital files.

All images that you purchase come with a social media file for you to share with your family and friends.


After your session we will be book you into a viewing and ordering appointment, this is where you can purchase your images. It is important that all financial decision makers are at this appointment.

You will be given a link to a comprehensive pricing list which you can go over at your leisure.

CREATE YOUR OWN COLLECTION (is for clients who want digital files)
Follow the two steps to complete your custom collection.

1. Choose A Signature Product.

A. Wall Art  10x 8 inch – starts at $450

B. Boxed Collections – 10 or more images) – starting at $1495

C. Albums  – starting at  $1495

2. Choose Digital Files. Starting at 800

 Please note digital files have no retouching with the exception when purchasing  Albums and/or  Print Boxes 

All GST exclusive


Here at Helenjoy Photography we don’t recommend digital files, they are not professional if you are printing them yourself, they are unstable and not archival.  Many people want to purchase digital files from their photographer so they can print them themselves to save money. With past experience and knowledge many people after purchasing their digital files do not print them, the reality is they store them on their hard-drive or are left on a CD or USB in their draw. Your precious memories deserve better than that.  Quite simply if the images are not printed then they are not real.  Printing is an art in itself, choosing the wrong paper and colour profile can be disastrous to the print quality. Get the printing wrong and it won’t be a true representation of the artist/photographers intentions that they have spent hours producing.